Wapiti – Whoopee – Fernie’s first Canadian Rock Music Festival

This weekend saw Fernie’s first attempt at a Canadian Indie Rock Music Festival; it was the most professional, magical mix of rocky beats, stopping tunes and floaty harmonies all combined in a Fernie style all-in community jamboree… and boy did we all have a good time!

Elliot Brood and Shred Kelly

The picture above depicts the great vibe of the festival, when members of the Shred Kelly band gathered on stage to help finish off Elliot Brood’s epic their set! This became the festival norm and we witnessed some interesting band combinations including Library Voices who joined the Matinee, followed by the fabulous Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and a bunch of Fernie kids who rocked the stage with him, MBF was also joined by our local favorites Shred Kelly.

Many of the bands travelled a good 12 hours to reach us and we hosted the most important guy in the festival here at the Red Tree, Sound Tech Ben Blowmander. (Thanks for making it all work Ben.)

Next year we will have a fantastic package deal, where you will be able to buy early bird tickets (40% cheaper than tickets on the day) as well as discounted accommodation. Watch this space…

The Matinee at Wapiti on Saturday afternoon:

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