The truth about the white stuff

The truth is, there is a base layer of 4.5 meters of snow up at Fernie Alpine Resort and we?ve had over 10 meters of snow this season, with 60cms of snow in the last 48 hours. And guess what, it?s still snowing now!

Everyone says that Fernie is frequently graced with ?legendary powder?, but as a Marketer I tend to take these things with a rather large pinch of salt. However, the quality of snow and the sheer number of incredible powder days I have myself experienced this season is enough to blow anyone’s mind.

Snowy trees in Fernie Alpine Resort:

Snowy Trees in Fernie Alpine Resort

Sadly the resort is closing this Sunday (10th April) and I guess you?ll be thinking about packing up your skis and storing away all those attractive thermals that one comes to love for another year.

Not so fast, Fernie Alpine Resort, has decided that we need one more weekend to get our powder fix of 2010-11 and will be hosting the 3rd annual ?Fernival? on 16th April. To celebrate this hugely fortunate circumstance we have decided to give skiers and riders a break?

Come and ?ski and stay? at the Red Tree for just $180 for 2 night?s accommodation and 2 day?s lift tickets (per person). That?s $360 for you and your fellow powder-hound to come and make the most of the very un-spring-like (i.e. epic) skiing in Fernie.

Check out our rooms, or take a look at our on-site restaurant menu.

Find out more about Fernival from Tourism Fernie.

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