Red Tree Lodge, Fernie, British Columbia

Dining & Events in Fernie

Stanton's Local Cookhouse

Conveniently attached to the Red Tree Lodge is Stanton's Local Cookhouse. Stanton's mantra is to provide fresh, organic, local, seasonal, unique selections. It's a big part of the wild game selections on their menu.

Wild game brings a unique dimension to any menu, but at Stanton's, with locally sourced wild game, it allows their guests a new and exciting dining experience. Elk, wild boar, pheasant, bison and muskox are just a few wild choices they offer. The wild thing doesn't stop with meat. Local wild mushrooms, forest berries, and other little goodies from the forest are also featured on the menu.

We're also very fortunate to be situated within a few minutes walk of some really fantastic restaurants, cafes and shops. Whatever you're looking for, Fernie can provide it!

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