Halloween in Fernie at the Red Tree Lodge

Halloween in Fernie

It’s Fall and Fall means Pumpkins and Pumpkins mean Halloween! Oh, and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes – how could I forget? This is my first Halloween in Fernie and the lead up has so far been pretty spectacular, so I can’t wait to see what the 31st holds for us.

We here at the Red Tree decided to do a Pumpkin Carving night! The girls at the Front Desk, our managers Jody and Jon, the accounting team of Wendy and Amanda, and Sam from Nonstop all joined in, and some bought their kids along which made it so much better – they loved it. We did the carving in the Cedar meeting room attached to Frida Restaurant, and so we even had some creatively spooky food to munch on and some delicious green slime punch with ice hands!

Pumpkin Carving Night

Turns out three of us had never carved a pumpkin before. Ashley, Wendy, and I are from either Australia or New Zealand, and Halloween isn’t so big over there. Luckily we had the Canadians to help us master the art of the carve – Jon even had carving tools. So we say that he cheated, ha! But really I was just super jealous of his good skills as he managed to smash out two pumpkins when we were all still gutting our first.

First thing we did is we pick a pumpkin – first in first serve. They are pretty well sized and have a great round shape, so it was hard to find a dud around here really. We all had basic kitchen knives and spoons (apart from Jon). We started by cutting the top out, and the trick is to do this on an angle so when it’s time to put the top back on, it won’t fall in – but that’s an easy fix with toothpicks otherwise. Then we took the slimy insides out and scooped it with a spoon until smooth, which is harder than I thought. After I thought I was done, I still had a heap of stringy insides everywhere, haha! However, carving was easier than I expected (once I came up with a design). I just started carving away and ended up with a buck tooth pumpkin face – super fun!

Jon then brought out a Dremel to sand away bits of the pumpkin skin. Without the skin, the pattern glows through with a tea light candle inside. Sam did this too, but she did it by hand with a knife, so yes he cheated!

Jack O Lantern Results

We had winners for the best pumpkin on the night which were Amanda and Amelia’s ‘Hippy’, Sam and Jack’s ‘The Masked Smile’, and Nick’s ‘Evil Flame’.

At the end of the night we paraded our pumpkins – now Jack O Lanterns – through Frida and got heaps of appreciative smiles for our works of art. We now have our Jack O Lanterns in the lobby up the stairs for guests to vote! Come in say hello and vote for your favourite! Happy Halloween!

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