Halloween in Fernie, will you be dancing with the skeletons?

So Halloween is just ?round the corner, and everyone is buzzing about what they?re going to dress up as this year! You?d better hit the Sally Anne soon so that you don?t miss out on any great costume bits and bobs.

Now down to the nitty gritty?where to go for the best Halloween party in Fernie??

On Wednesday the 26th, the Grand Central Hotel is hosting a witches (ladies) only Witches? Night! This entails a night for the ladies to get together & bring out their own witches disguises and celebrate everything ghoulish and wicked!

For Saturday the 29th it?s definitely going to be at the Northern Bar and Stage, where local DJ?s Cona and PJ will get the crowd pumpin? and fill the dance floor with their indie remix, dubstep and dance tracks.

dancing skeletons Fernie Halloween

On Halloween itself, Monday the 31st, you have a couple of GREAT options. First, the Grand Central is hosting a Halloween Drum and Bass party, so you DnB fans will definitely get to go hard and heavy on the dance floor to celebrate the spookiest night of the year!

Second, the Northern Bar and Stage is playing host to two of Canada?s great rock bands: Big Sugar (I know!?) and Wide Mouth Mason, whose last visit to Fernie in 2007 had them playing from a CP rail train to raise money, food and awareness for food banks!

Whether you?re more into tricks or treats, you?re going to have a wicked time on the last weekend in October this year in Fernie.

Don’t forget that we have some lovely rooms available (and guaranteed no “tricks”):

Balcony Rooms.

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