Fernie’s special snow keeps falling and everyone on the hill keeps whooping.

They called for 5cms of snow on Friday and 5cms on Saturday (with possibly 5cms ready for Sunday morning). But guess what? The Fernie snow forecasters were well and truly out-dumped?

  • Friday ? 20cms fresh white snow
  • Saturday ? 36cms of fluffy, big-flake snow
  • Sunday ? 56cms of massive, dry snow
  • Sunday during the day ? 8-10cms per hour of the best champagne pow around

And boy, were we all happy about it!

I?ve never skied a hill where you can hear the whoops of excited people cheering you on from the lift! Everyone was giggling and whooping as they hopped or glided down the mountain, arriving at the lifts with an enormous grin; the atmosphere was like one big, really fun birthday party, except it was everyone?s birthday and everyone was enjoying the first sips of their second glass of champagne?

Quite literally though – often the snow was so deep, and there was so much the dry fluffy stuff flying into your face, you literally chocked on mouthful after mouthful of champagne powder.

As they say out here? FUN TIMES!

Fernie champagne powder, Feb 2012

Photo credit: Powder Matt.
Thank you Fernie! (Oh and Happy Birthday again!)

Here at the Red Tree we have one hotel room available this week – get in fast to make the most of this epic snowstorm; it’s set to be a bluebird day on Monday – but you never know we might get even more snow! Only one way to find out … book your Fernie accommodation online and ask us about our Ski packages.

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