Movie DVD Library

Relax and spend an evening with your favourite movie, we have a whole DVD library you can borrow from! We have a list below of movies available for our guests to watch, at no extra charge. Or bring your own if you prefer!  We have HDMI cables for you to borrow if you’d like to hook up your own device. The theatre is also a great room to enjoy a sporting event in HD. (Updated January 2016)

Genre Title Rating Running Time
Action 2 Guns R 109 mins
Action 300 R 117 mins
Action Bad Boys R 118 mins
Action Bad Boys II R 147 mins
Action Barb Wire 18A 98 mins
Action Blood Work R 110 mins
Action Dark Knight, The PG-13 152 mins
Action Day The Earth Stood Still, The 14A 104 mins
Action Dirty Harry 14A 102 mins
Action Enforcer, The 14A 96 mins
Action Eragon PG-13 103 mins
Action Fantastic Four 14A 106 mins
Action First Descent PG-13 110 mins
Action Fugitive, The 130 mins
Action Gladitor R 155 mins
Action Killers PG-13 100 mins
Action Live Free or Die Hard 14A 129 mins
Action Looper R 119 mins
Action Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring PG-13 178 mins
Action Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers PG-13 179 mins
Action Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King PG-13 201 mins
Action Magnum Force 18A 124 mins
Action Matrix, The R 136 mins
Action Mr. & Mrs. Smith PG-13 120 mins
Action Ocean's 11 (Original) PG-13 127 mins
Action Ocean's Eleven PG-13 117 mins
Action Ocean's Twelve PG-13 125 mins
Action Ocean's Thirteen PG-13 122 mins
Action Sudden Impact R 117 mins
Action Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines 14A 109 mins
Action Transformers PG-13 144 mins
Action True Lies R 141 mins
Action X-Men PG-13 104 mins
Comedy 21 Jump Street R 109 mins
Comedy 40 Year Old Virgin, The R 116 mins
Comedy Ace Ventura Pet Detective PG-13 86 mins
Comedy Austin Powers in Goldmember 14A 95 mins
Comedy Borat 14A 84 mins
Comedy Bowfinger PG-13 97 mins
Comedy Break-up, The PG-13 106 mins
Comedy Clueless PG-13 97 mins
Comedy Devil Wears Prada, The PG-13 109 mins
Comedy Dumb and Dumber PG-13 106 mins
Comedy Ferris Bueller's Day off PG-13 103 mins
Comedy Flight of the Conchords – Season 2, Disc 2 14A 100 mins
Comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall R 111 mins
Comedy Get smart's Bruce & Lloyd out of control PG-13 72 mins
Comedy Hangover, The R 100 mins
Comedy Hangover II, The R 102 mins
Comedy Happy Gilmore PG-13 92 mins
Comedy Hot Dog The Movie R 96 mins
Comedy Hot Tub Time Machine R 100 mins
Comedy In Her Shoes PG-13 130 mins
Comedy Juno PG-13 96 mins
Comedy League, The TV MA 30 mins
Comedy Legally Blonde PG-13 96 mins
Comedy Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde PG-13 95 mins
Comedy Man Who Knew Too Little, The PG-13 94 mins
Comedy Mask, The PG-13 101 mins
Comedy Mean Girls PG-13 97 mins
Comedy Meatballs 4 R 84 mins
Comedy Movie Out Here, The 18A 90 mins
Comedy Mrs. Doubtfire PG-13 125 mins
Comedy Old School 18A 92 mins
Comedy Out Cold PG-13 89 mins
Comedy Revenge of The Nerds 18A 90 mins
Comedy Rocker, The PG-13 102 mins
Comedy Role Models R 99 mins
Comedy Step Brothers R 98 mins
Comedy Talladega Nights PG-13 108 Mins
Comedy The Party Animal R 78 mins
Comedy There's Something About Mary 14A 119 mins
Comedy This is 40 R 134 mins
Comedy Uncle Buck PG 100 mins
Comedy Vegas Vacation 14A 95 mins
Comedy Waynes World PG-13 94 mins
Comedy Waynes World 2 PG-13 94 mins
Comedy Wedding Singer, The PG-13 95 mins
Comedy Weekend at Bernie's PG-13 97 mins
Comedy Whip It PG-13 111 mins
Comedy Yes Man PG-13 104 mins
Comedy Zombieland R 88 mins
Comedy Zoolander 14A 89 mins
Drama 28 Days PG-13 104 mins
Drama American Hustle 14A 138 mins
Drama Beautiful Mind, A 14A 136 mins
Drama Breakfast Club, The R 97 mins
Drama Catch Me If You Can PG-13 141 mins
Drama Drive R 95 mins
Drama Enough PG-13 115 mins
Drama Gravity PG-13 91 mins
Drama I Am Legend PG-13 101 mins
Drama Jacket, The R 103 mins
Drama Shake Hands with the Devil PG-13 111 mins
Drama Majestic, The PG-13 152 mins
Drama Seeker, The PG-13 99 mins
Drama Slumdog Millionaire R 120 mins
Drama Namesake, The 14A 122 mins
Drama Town, The R 125 mins
Family Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr. PG 93 mins
Family Amazing Panda Adventure, The PG-13 84 mins
Family Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Tim Burton) PG 115 mins
Family Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs PG 90 mins
Family Cricket on the Hearth G 60mins
Family Dick Van Dyke Show, The G 104 mins
Family Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Dog Days PG 94 mins
Family Dr. Suess' Horton Hears a Who G 86 mins
Family Dr. Suess' The Lorax PG 86 mins
Family Duma PG-13 100 mins
Family Elf PG 97 mins
Family Flipper PG-13 90 mins
Family Free Willy PG-13 112 mins
Family Free Willy 2 – The Adventure Home PG-13 98 mins
Family Free Willy 3 PG-13 86 mins
Family Free Willy – Escape to Pirates Cove PG-13 101 mins
Family Garfield – The Tale of Two Kitties G 78 mins
Family Harry Potter and the Golbet of Fire PG-13 157 mins
Family Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince PG 153 mins
Family Ice Age PG 81 mins
Family Jungle Book, The PG 108 mins
Family Kung Fu Panda PG 92 mins
Family Lilo & Stitch G 85 mins
Family Nut job, The PG 85 mins
Family Percy Jackson & The Olympians – The Lightning Thief G 118 mins
Family Rango PG 107 mins
Family Ratatouille G 111 mins
Family Return to Never Land G 73 mins
Family Santa & the 3 Bears G 76 mins
Family Shiloh PG-13 92 mins
Family Shrek 2 PG 93 mins
Family Toy Story G 81 mins
Family Turtle's Tale, A G 85 mins
Family Wall E G 98 mins
Horror Heartless 14A 114 mins
Horror Saw VII – The Final Chapter 18A 90 mins
Romance 27 Dresses PG-13 111 mins
Romance A Good Year G 118 mins
Romance Dirty Dancing PG-13 100 mins
Romance Down To You PG-13 91 mins
Romance English Patient, The 14A 162 mins
Romance Les Miserables PG-13 158 mins
Romance Love actually R 135 mins
Romance Michael PG 105 mins
Romance My Best Friend's Wedding PG-13 105 mins
Romance Neew Years Eve PG-13 113 mins
Romance Notting Hill PG-13 124 mins
Romance P.S. I Love You PG-13 127 mins
Romance She's all that PG-13 96 mins
Romance Titanic PG-13 194 mins
Romance You've got mail PG 119 mins
Western Bells of Can Angelo Not rated 75 mins
Western Great American West (Documentary) Not rated 52 mins
Western Kentucky Rifles Not rated 52 mins
Western Savage Guns Not rated 88 mins
Western The Bushwackers Not rated 68 mins
Western The Gatling Gun PG 87 mins
Western The Sundowners Not rated 84 mins
Western White Comanche Not rated 93 mins

We’re always looking to add to our DVD library so if there’s anything you’d like to see us add to the list, just let us know!