At the Red Tree Lodge, we’re committed to environmental protection through the implementation of policies and procedures. Several initiatives have been put into place at both the guest and staff level which have resulted in measurable and substantial results.

Environmentally Friendly Accommodations

Cleaning Products
Our Housekeeping team uses cleaning products that can be filled from large pump containers.

Efficient Waste Management
Reduce, reuse, recycle! All of our guest rooms have a recycling bin, as well as our Guest Kitchen.

Guest Toiletries
Instead of the traditional toiletry bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, we have installed Shower Dispensers in our rooms. This allows us to save a large amount of plastic from being thrown away. For those guests who prefer the traditional option, please contact the Front Desk.

Optional Linen Service
In addition to the daily housekeeping, every 3rd day in our accommodations we offer a linen change to our guests. Guests have the option to not receive this service during their stay.

Towel Reuse Program
When guests stay with us for more than one night, we let them decide whether or not they’d like fresh towels. If your towels are in tub, we will replenish them. If they’re hanging up, we’ll save them for another day.